5 Clever Interior Design Tips For Your Home

5 Clever Interior Design Tips For Your Home
Interior Design Tips

Are you looking for some clever interior design tips that will transform your home and give it a new vibe? Designers employ interior design tricks that we can easily adapt and do with little to minimal effort and resources.

Interior Design Tip #1: Use Decorative Mirrors To Light Up Your Space

Mirrors are often used to create an optical illusion and this works even on rooms and living space. Aside from making a small space look and feel bigger than its actual size, it also adds up instant illumination in the room by reflecting both natural and artificial lights.

But let us not discount the fact that these mirrors also add up to the room’s accent. Depending on how they are placed around the room, mirrors may create an endless room illusion, or may simply highlight a focal point. Decorative mirrors do work in adding up illumination and dimension to both small and large rooms and living spaces.

Interior Design Tip #2: Mix Things Up

Interior Design Tips

The interior design of any of your spaces does not need to be overly uniform, monotoned, and boring. In the modern-day concept of design, mixing and matching dissimilar things up really works. Mix up plain with printed patterns for your sofa covers and walls, for your curtains and pillow. Match it with different textures to complement and highlight one another.

It is said that the most important part of decorating your own living space is that it should reflect your personality and your preferred style. There’s nothing wrong with matching up your contemporary couch and ottomans with your most treasured decorative heirlooms. Your past and present choices can co-exist wonderfully and it even brings out the beauty of your living space.

Interior Design Tip #3: Go Green with Indoor Plants

Interior Design Tips

Have you noticed how plants create a vibrant and refreshing aura when used as interior ornaments? You can never go wrong with greens, really. With these inexpensive decorative details, you do not only add color and texture to your room but you also help the interiors of your home have a balanced humidity and clean air to breathe.

Interior Design Tip #4: Rugs Against Hardwood Floors

It is pretty obvious that rugs are used in living rooms and bedrooms to style things up. It gives extra warmth, awesome texture, added color, and personality to your own space. But let’s discover more about these wonderful rugs – how it can add functionality and fun to your rooms.

Area rugs look great against hardwood floors and add comfort as well, especially during the cooler months.  You can even use it to accentuate your space depending on the season – you may use lighter tones for warmer days and warmer tones for cooler days.

Interior Design Tip #5: Small Rooms Go Light

Aside from using decorative mirrors to create an optical illusion of a bigger space, light-colored paints are also advised to be used if you want to have that spacious vibe. Rooms like the living room where most family members spend their free time and many furniture and equipment are put in place may have that cramped feeling. That is why having a light-toned paint accompanied by many windows and decorative mirrors will make your small rooms feel more inviting.

Did you get any tips that you can apply on your own home? Don’t waste your time, go transform your home the way you want it to be.

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