5 Steps to Posting a Poster on My Wall

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If you like to make your very own unique postcards or wall designs then you will love Poster My Posters. This is a new and revolutionary way to design your own custom postcards or wall decals. The cost for this service is only $9.95 per month for unlimited downloads of high quality graphics. No need to worry about space or the amount of images that you can upload because they have a huge selection. You can easily make posters from scratch or edit existing pictures and make a perfect collage poster!

With Poster My Posters you get access to thousands of high quality images and graphic templates. You can use these templates to create unique images with your own touch and creativity. You have the choice between black and white, color, digital or professional templates. Poster My Posters gives you the opportunity to work on your image by cropping, adding text, adjusting borders, cropping, or rotating the graphic.

An Overview

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Cropping: Cropping is a Photoshop feature that allows you to make a close up, in focused version of a graphic. Cropped posters can be printed on high quality paper stock with no loss of clarity. You can crop a poster based on a focal point or simply for extra decoration. With so many different graphic design templates available you are sure to find the template that suits your style perfectly.

Digital Templates: With the availability of digital images you can use these images for your Poster My Posters without loss of quality. The best part about using a digital template is that it gives you the chance to change elements and personalize your poster. You have the ability to change colors, add text or even make the poster black and white! Digital templates save you time and money, which is important if you are looking to save as much money as possible for your advertising needs.

Posting Posters on Wall

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Posting Page: You can also use your Poster My Wall page to create posters for other uses. You can post your daily or weekly menu reminder, post a classified ad, or use the poster maker to create an ad for your business. The poster maker has the ability to create posters that display an array of information. You can also add photos from social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Login Using My Posters: If you would like to keep your page active all the time you can set your login using the WordPress default settings. To do this you click on “posts,” then “default.” This will display a list of your most recent posts. You have the option of changing the title and creating a new post by clicking on “new.”

Free Downloads: One of the best things about Poster My Wall is that it allows you to download free posters. There are several different types of poster makers that you can choose from. If you want free downloads you simply need to login using your Google or Yahoo account. You will then be able to search for the type of poster maker that you want. Some of these include:

Your next step? Copy and paste the URL of any of these designs into a web browser to activate it. Once the code is added to your blog or website you will instantly have a promotional code valid for one free print. For more information on how to get started with your own personal design of a poster and other details check out the link below!

Free Templates: When you are using a photo as your graphic design tool you may wonder where to find a template that you can use. This can be an extremely difficult task if you are looking through hundreds of templates in the thousands. One way to make this process easier is to join one of the many membership sites that offer thousands of templates created by expert designers. These sites allow you to download and print thousands of graphics in hundreds of themes. Many of these theme designs are actually templates that you can use for creating your own unique poster.

Step 4: Post it on Social Media Sites: One of the easiest ways to promote a new blog topic is to create a social media account and add the link to your blog. Some of the most popular social media sites to use include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon. These sites allow you to post a picture of your graphic design tool along with a description of the image and a call to action. For example you might write, “Check out my newest graphic design tool for creating unique t-shirts.” You can then tell your friends to follow your account on Facebook and Google+ and email the link to your friends. Once people start to share your images they will soon begin to notice you on the social media sites and will want to check out your blog as well.

The last step

Step 5: Sell Your Blog Graphics: If you have created some great graphics on your blog and you feel that they may be worth selling then you will need to find a way to sell them. One of the quickest ways to sell your images is through instagram graphic. This is a site that lets anyone upload pictures from their camera and sell them for a small fee. You will need to sign up for an instagram account and upload the graphics from your blog. Then price the images accordingly and post them on instagram.

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