Living Room Layout Solutions To Awkward Problems

Awkward Living Room Layout Solutions

We are all not so fortunate as to have the opportunity to construct our own houses from scratch and from our own design. This leaves us no choice but to acquire properties that are already built, or rent an existing one. With this, there could be several layout problems you should find solutions in getting through. So, here are two awkward living room layout solutions.

The Awkward ‘L’ Space

Living and dining room are usually placed side by side in every house layout because the two rooms are said to be extensions of one another. An ‘L’ shaped space for these two rooms can cause you many issues in term of furniture arrangement and space.

An ‘L’ shaped room will cause a cramped living room with seats placed too far from each other. Remember that in a living room, the seats must be close with each other to create a conducive environment for conversation. Another possible issue is that the armrest of your sofa will rest very near to the dining set in your dining room.

The possible solution for the awkward ‘L’ space that affects the living room layout is by grouping your sets of furniture to set actual focal points. If there’s a need to eliminate a chair to make it more spacious and close to each other, then do so. Make sure that the set is close to each other. And to create some sort of division between the two rooms, make use of movable screens or partition that will separate the two functional rooms from each other.

There’s no need to create a full-length division, a quarter will do, next, add some ornamental plants to make it less awkward. You can also place a big rug in your dining room to imply that is a separate room.

A Boxy Living Room Layout

Having a plain boxy room that has focal points such as a fireplace or entertainment set arranged close to each other requires some breaking up and improvement. Having two focal points that are too close to each other cause all the attention to be concentrated only toward one side of the room.

A boxy room filled with furniture can also create a maze of appliances for passing people. This living room layout can seem monotonic and we need to do something to make it less fussy and more interesting.

Since the room is too boxy and aligned, we can make use of diagonal arrangements just to break the monotony. Compress the set together and create a clear traffic pattern. And to balance the focal points, separate the entertainment set from being too close with the fireplace.

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