Basement Laundry Room Ideas – The Perfect Space For Your Home Office

basement laundry room ideas

Many people think that basement laundry rooms just aren’t “real” rooms. But that’s simply not true. They don’t need to be drab, dark, and cold. In fact, many basement laundry room ideas can actually be so great that you would never guess that they were once located in the basement. Your revamping can be as easy as adding some new pieces of wall decor. If you want a real transformation, consider upgrading your lighting fixtures as well.

Consider upgrading your walls with new wall art or even art prints. Artworks featuring animals, flowers, faces, fruits, vegetables, and other themes can make for an interesting addition to your basement laundry room ideas. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, consider painting one wall to match the other walls or using abstract or formal wall art to dress up a wall. Try hanging mirrors on both sides of the mirror to give an illusion of more space. You could also try hanging shelves from both the inside and the outside of the room to add depth and width.

Basement Laundry Room Ideas

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For the flooring in your basement laundry rooms, choose tiles made out of limestone, ceramic, or cork. To make the colors pop, even more, add a little paint to the backs of the tiles. You can find many different designs and patterns on the internet, at home improvement stores, or in-home improvement catalogs. You can even use flecks of contrasting colors that can line the walls or the tiles themselves to pull together your basement laundry room’s design.

Another basement laundry room idea is to add washer and dryer storage. Most washer cabinets come in two to three levels with a washer located above the dryer and a dryer located below it. This makes it easy to access both items without having to go through aisles. Some washer cabinets also have a drawer that doubles as a storage closet so you can store your smaller laundry items here, as well.

One other basement laundry room idea is to create a makeshift closet. I’ve seen a lot of fun things people have done with this type of decor. A popular idea is to use an old baby blanket as the cover for the front of the closet. You can then use a large piece of fabric as the inside of the “closet”. Many people like to add mirrors here to reflect light and to create an illusion of a larger space.

A Much Ado

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Another one of these basement laundry room ideas is to make sure you have a well-organized plumbing system. Many people don’t pay attention to their plumbing and when it’s time to do some remodeling or a major home repair, they can’t find a plumber. Plumbing issues can cause a lot of unexpected problems and can even cause a building to become uninhabitable. Make sure you have a well-planned and maintained plumbing system by making sure there are no leaks in your walls, no missing pipes, etc. Use caulk to fill any cracks in the walls and to caulk around pipes and appliances as well.

There are a few basement laundry room ideas that incorporate bathroom accessories as well. If you have a nook in your bathroom where there’s not much open space, you could make it into a mini cabinet where you could store personal care necessities. For example, have a small cabinet that opens up into a mini-fridge where you store your toothpaste and shampoo. Or perhaps have a vanity that pulls out to reveal a sink where you could store your makeup and so on. As long as you provide plenty of light with your lighting fixture here, you’ll be able to see whatever it is you’re trying to find!

Final Words

Another basement laundry room idea that utilizes unfinished wood is to turn it into a closet. You can do this by adding shelving below the door where you keep your children’s clothes. If your child has only a few items, it will be nice to put them in a tidy pile right next to the door. If you keep most of their clothes in drawers, you might need to add an additional storage unit below the door to accommodate this. If they have a lot of stuff, you may want to set up a dedicated walk-in closet that you can take out at the end of each day and pack away neatly for later use.

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