Cat Bed Hammocks Are Not Just For Your Cat

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Cats are beautiful, intriguing, and yet fragile creatures that can be difficult to take care of. So, for optimal health and longevity, keep your cat in a cat room or mini-laboratory all day and night long. Just like humans, cats need their own space to rest and sleep. A well-constructed cat room will also give your feline friend his or her own place to play, as well as a safe place to get away from the stressors and hustle and bustle of the house.

An Overview

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Keeping a cat in just one room (or tiny apartment) is sometimes done because of practicality; you might just have very limited floor space and maybe you’re not quite ready to make a big change in your home yet. And unlike dogs, felines really prefer small spaces and tend to seek out corners and smallaways to retreat and get away from things that bother them. But while cats enjoy being in a small space, you don’t have to give up on cat-friendly furniture just to allow them to live there. And if you’re trying to create a cat-friendly space without giving up on cat-friendly furniture, don’t worry: With a little ingenuity and with a lot of common sense, you can come up with plenty of clever and creative cat room ideas to make your little corner of the house something special. And here are some great ideas for your cat’s bed and scratching posts.

Cat Bed Hammock Facts

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Cat beds are a great idea because they allow kitty to have his or her own little spot to snuggle up in with a nice cool pillow. The most common type of cat room ideas include using cat beds as sleeping areas for cats with a higher level of activity. Higher-level cats might enjoy having their own little bubbles to sleep on, while lower-level cats will enjoy using the cat beds as resting spots when they’re not active. Using cat beds in this way can be helpful, but if you’d rather use a high-level of activity for your kitty, consider purchasing high-grade furniture like scratching posts or even high-grade ladders (especially if your cat has a natural inclination to want to explore everything under the bed.)

Cat beds are great and useful cat room ideas, but if your cat doesn’t like to sleep in them, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer them something better. One of the best things you can do for your feline friend is to offer him or her a cat tree or a cat condo. A cat condo is basically a scratching post or a cat bed in one large, modular piece of furniture. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs and they’re great for providing lots of different places for your feline friend to scratch and enjoy being around. Some of the more popular cat condos and trees are those shaped like a stylized cat, rabbits, and other creatures.

If you don’t have the money for an elaborate cat tree or cat condo, another of your DIY cat room ideas is to buy a few small cat houses. Like, maybe even a couple of small kitty condos. Cats prefer to live in places that are well-ventilated and where there’s enough space to stretch out without feeling crowded. That means that a small cat house that offers enough floor space is ideal. You can find these small houses at most pet stores. There are also plenty of good places online to buy them, although sometimes you’ll need to order them depending on the availability of your area.

Another one of the best DIY cat room ideas is to buy a few crazy cat tree plans and take them with you to your local hardware store. Cat trees and cat condos are made out of many different kinds of materials, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your taste and budget. Some of the more common ones include: bamboo, plastic, cedar, metal, etc. Just pick the kind you think will suit your particular situation the best.

In The End

You might even be surprised to learn that lots of people have their own versions of a cat hammock. Why not turn your own cat bed into a creative DIY cat room idea? All you have to do is buy or make a hammock and put it in the space that you want for your feline friends to sleep in. Use your imagination when choosing the material for your cat’s hammock. You can choose to make it out of some sort of fabric or you can simply use any type of blanket, including those that are made especially for your cat’s specific needs.

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