Cheap and Simple DIY Projects For Kids Bedrooms

kids room ideas

Kids Room Ideas: Keeping Kids Afraid of the Dark is an age-old nightmare that is slowly fading away, even among our most advanced children. In recent years, the advent of interactive technology has allowed parents to give their kids more options in the bedroom, which is fantastic. However, there are still many things that kids absolutely hate, and you should keep a few of those in mind when you are designing your kid’s room.

Black and White Paint Walls: One of the most basic black and white kids’ room ideas are going with a solid color wall and painting the ceiling black. This is incredibly easy to do and can be done in as little as two or three hours. When you first step into the room, light the area with a lamp or overhead light so that you can see where you’re going. If you’re using overhead lights, be sure to turn them off, as they will wash out the colors.

Kids Room Ideas

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Ball Point Paint Bottles: Another of the classic kid’s room ideas is to use paint cans as wall decorations. These are great for kids because they are small, easy to store, and are long-lasting. Just remember that when you are spraying the paint, always start at the top of the wall, and work your way down. Use the backside as a guide to making sure that you cover every single inch of the wall, and if you have any smaller portions you need to make sure that you take out those portions before you spray the paint. This will make sure that the paint is even and you won’t have any areas that are uneven.

Ceiling Stickers: Another of the classic kids’ room ideas involves sticking stickers to the ceiling. Kids love these ceiling decals because they can be removed and easily repositioned. The best part is that there are no rules when it comes to these decals, you can really be creative with them.

Wall Chalkboard Paint: Kids love to express themselves by writing on the walls, so why not create a chalkboard in the kid’s room that they can write on? A great idea is to use a chalkboard paint pen. You can either purchase pre-paint chalkboards that come with stencils, or you can purchase chalkboard paint that you simply apply with a brush. Either way, you can decorate the board in any way that you want, from writing letters, shapes, animals, and more. Again, this is an easy and inexpensive way to create a fun, unique touch.

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Kids Bedroom Wall Decor: Kids love to draw, and a great way to encourage creativity in your child is to get him or her to help you make a chalkboard wall. Simply gather up all of your kids’ room ideas and find a large piece of cardboard that you can easily label with a letter of the alphabet. Then, take your child’s plain sketch pad and write the letter of the alphabet onto the cardboard. You can also use a color of ink as well. You can then cover the entire board with a multicolored, bright red, orange, yellow, blue, or whatever other color you’d like. Then, simply hang the homemade chalkboard from the ceiling or attach it to the wall.

Kids Ceiling Ball: One of the best kids room ideas out there is a chalkboard paint wall and ceiling ball. Again, you will need a large piece of cardboard and labeled chalk for the lettering part of the game. Once again, you can decorate the ball in any way that you choose, including colors, but most importantly, you can make it simple and cheap using only basic supplies.

Bottom Line

Paint a Cookie jar: Kids also love to decorate and personalize their own cookies, so why not create a cookie jar to use in your kid’s bedroom? Again, all you’ll need are basic paint colors and some sort of paint sprayer. Take your child’s hand and paint a cute face, or perhaps even an animal or a bug on the top of the jar. Then hang the painted jar from the wall and your kids’ personal space is now ready to be decorated.

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