Decorate Your House With These Modern Room Ideas

A living room

From designer bedroom lamps to modern bedside units, everything about the modern interior is shiny and ranks high on looks. There is plenty to choose from, so we’re here to guide you through some of the modern room ideas:

1.The Living Cube

A room with a wooden floor

A case that comes with a storage room of its own that is variable and can be used as a living room or a bathroom or however you wish to use it. There is a ladder along with a living cube that can be used to climb on top of it. Modern designers often design furniture which can serve multiple purposes at once and the Living Cube is the best example of multipurpose furniture. But make no mistake, This big box-like piece of furniture looks attractive while also being multipurpose. Apart from offering space inside it and at the top, it also features a whole bunch of drawers and shelves on the side.

2.Space Up Bed

A dining room table

Made by French company Parisot, Space Up Bed is an ultimate space-saving solution. It can give its owner a lot of storage space. SIdes of this bed are equipped with shelves and much more can be fit inside the bed. The mattress of this bed tilts back and under it, there are 2.3 cubic meters of space that can be used as storage. It’s possible to store large equipment and a suitcase inside it. When the mattress is lifted upwards, it’s high enough that you can easily go inside it without caring about your head getting hit against it.

3.Smart Kitchen

The place where people cook must be as functional and comfortable as possible. The Smart Kitchen made by Italian company Filograno is a set of selves, tools, and equipment that is meant to make your stay in the kitchen as comfortable as possible. It includes a lot of features such as remote-controlled drawers for easy access, removable outer panels for easy cleaning. Refrigerator drawers are right under the worktop so you can put in and take things out faster. It includes places for wireless charging your phone as well.

4.Breaking The Box

All the modern furniture ideas on this list are unique but this one is the most unique thing even among all of those things. These can be called sculptures rather than furniture. They all look like decorations for rooms but hold a functional locker for storing small things. Thanks to some well-thought-out designs, these decoration boxes don’t take much space and hold up to 10 drawers. 


There are a lot of variations and options in modern furniture design and most of them feature the same theme of comfort and functionality. The things we mentioned above, all of these belong to different categories so you could fit them all to make your house better for yourself.

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