The Decorative Indoor Plant Pot

Indoor plants do create wonders in making our home interior lively. Plants do not only add style at home, but it is also good stuff to put on dead spots or empty spaces. Moreover, its lush greens are quite refreshing to the eyes, creating a complete homey ambiance.

You might be thinking if such indoor plants will compliment your home’s interiors and themes, it is yes. Plants will fit any interior styling – modern, minimalist, industrial or chic; what will make it fit are the pots that you will use for your indoor greens.

To give you options, here are two awesomely designed indoor pot plants that you can consider for your living room as well as for the other parts of the house.

Glass Indoor Plant Pots Home Terrarium

Decorative Indoor Plant Pot

If you are thinking to decorate your home with indoor plants and you want clear glass ornaments for your rooms as well, this Glass Indoor Plant Pots Home Terrarium will fit your styling requirements. This charming and presentable set can be a beautiful centerpiece for your living room table.

This glass indoor plant pot set has a stand made of durable wood and has screws on the side for you to be able to adjust the height of the set based on your preference. An iron rod holds the glass pots securely and in place. You have the option to choose between 3 available sets – a 1 pot set with 16 x 14cm dimension, a 2 pot set with 22 x 14cm dimension, and a 3 pot set with 28 x 14cm dimension.


Homemakers are recommending this product because it is both classic and stylish when it comes to design. Its simple yet sophisticated look makes a good impression of your home styling too.

Decorative Plants Magnetic Levitation

We always wanted our guests to be impressed by how we style and maintain our home because it reflects good personal taste and your efficiency as a homemaker. Aside from maintaining spotless cleanliness of your home, you are also trying to impress visitors using great accents and stylish decors. The more unique and presentable your decorations get, the more they can appreciate your efforts.

Indoor plants are excellent stuff to work with in creating beautiful decors. However, if you do not have enough time or you are not fit to work on real plants, you may still create the same refreshing impression using decorative plants that are of course, artificial. The Decorative Plants Magnetic Levitation has a pot floating from its base due to magnetic force that needs to be powered. Moreover, the product is made of resin and wood, and it comes in two available colors too.


According to the customers who have already purchased the product, the decor always gives that wow factor that impresses anyone who sees it. It is not only applicable to your home but for your workplace as well because it is lightweight and durable.    

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