Easy Home Decor Tips – Make Your Living Room Look Cool With White Furniture, Chandeliers, and Other White Decor Ideas

white home decor

Black-and-white is one of the year’s greatest home trends right now. This color combination has been a favorite for a very long time. Not only can it work with any interior design style, but it also goes well with just about any color scheme. Whether youre searching for small or large ways to incorporate this fabulous trend into your own home, these black-andwhite home decor tips will get you started right away. If you’re looking to inject some black into your room, here are some fantastic black-and-whole decorating ideas to help inspire you.

Easy Home Decor Tips


Black accents can be used in just about any room in your home. Think about the textures and colors that work best with your own personal taste, and use them to create a texture that reflects who you are as a person. Black-and-whole is a great way to bring life to any dull, lifeless space.

Add depth to your white home decor with throw pillows. Choose accent pillows that have a texture to them like deep, warm browns or lightly colored pebbles, and make sure they’re rectangular in shape. To give a little more dimension, use a few contrasting throw pillows on either side of your sofa. Now you have additional ways to add texture and dimension to your white decor.

Paint the walls in rich, earth tones. You don’t want your contemporary home look to seem clinical. In fact, this season’s trend for bold, modern colors makes it easy to pull off a contemporary look while still staying with an old-world feel. Richly hued wallpaper is a good way to achieve a warm look. Choose accent rugs or throws that tie in with your wall color palette, and you’ll have the look of a modern home without sacrificing comfort.

Keep your white walls uncluttered. The messiest looking living rooms are those with a cluttered, disorganized home. Add some interesting accent pillows to your living room to create interest in one central area. Use a bold color like black and carry it throughout the room to really make a statement. If you don’t like black, use warm pinks or greens for accents or for a softer look.

Accessorize your white home decor with great artwork pieces. Any wall can be a canvas, so bring your accent pieces and your wall decor together to create a look that’s both bright and airy. Purchase a unique black and white pillow ball sphere pillow and place it on a black leather chair or table. It will add life to your living room quickly and easily, and it’s also an unusual piece of art that’s sure to grab attention.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the most basic white home decor ideas are those that involve the use of warm, natural lighting. If you’re not sure how to achieve this type of atmosphere, you can always invest in some artificial lights. Wall sconces around candles, lamps, or other pieces of art work well in this regard. You can also go with more natural light in the form of a floor lamp, which will create a lovely warm glow.

If you want something a little less conventional, try lighting candles in different colors. A white candle in a glass holder is a beautiful way to highlight a piece of art or a book case, and it’s also a very inexpensive way to jazz up your living room. If you’re going for simplicity, you might consider using a tea light candle in one of those glass holders, as well as placing one in each corner of your coffee table. This is just one way to use white candle lights without being too over-stuffed.

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