Fancy Living Room Product Options For An Upgrade

From time to time, we want to change how our living room feels and looks. One day we want this, and then the next month we want fresher concepts. But of course, such ideas can only be accomplished through changing accents and decors. We cannot change pieces of furniture that quick as well as wall paints and designs. That is why we have decided to review some product options to make your living space seem as though it has gotten an upgrade.

There are a few changes we can do that will affect our living room’s theme. Aside from displays and frames, we can also alter the looks and vibe of our living room by using fancy pillowcase covers or stylish tapestries. Here are two products that can help you upgrade your living room styling.

Pillow Covers Sofa Throw Pillow Case

Fancy Living Room Product Options For An Upgrade

Whenever you get bored of your sofa’s design or color, you cannot dispose it easily and change it whenever you want unless you are a millionaire who does not care spending bucks on such petty issues. The most practical thing that you can do is to change your pillowcases into something fancy, and that alone can breathe new appeal to your living room set.

With 20 varieties of designs to choose from, the Pillow Covers Sofa Throw Pillow Case is the perfect choice for your sofa upgrade. It is made of polyester and cotton, which give its durability and soft to touch feels. All designs are in the hues of white, black, and gold, which make it a perfect match to any sofa style. Pillowcase has a dimension of 45cm x 45xm.


What do homemakers say about this product? Nothing but good reviews. There is a variety of designs that are beautiful and plentiful. As for the materials, it has just the perfect blend of cotton and polyester, not too tough yet durable.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Home Decor


If you are up to intense living room makeover, why not make use of tapestries that you can hang on your wall? The Tapestry Wall Hanging Home Decor will surely create a strong sense of change and upgrade in your living room because it has several colorful designs and is available in two sizes  – medium with a dimension of 150 x 130 cm and weighs around 100g and large with a dimension of 210 x 150 cm and weighs about 120g.

This tapestry is made of thin yet high-quality fabric with highly colorful prints that do not fade. It is hand wash and machine washable. Making it perfect for houses and small apartments since washing will be a non-issue.


What stylists love about this product is not only their design but its functionality as well. These tapestries work best as wall decors but can also be used as photo backdrops and as a blanket too.

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