Furniture Upholstery Care: Some Of The Best Tips To Do It Like A Pro

Furniture Upholstery Care: Some Of The Best Tips To Do It Like A Pro

No matter how careful you are, or how often you remind your family to take care of your sofa set and all other pieces of furniture, accidents happen. No matter how often you remind them not to bring food in the living room or to not allow your pet to sit on the couch, someone will always forget or sneak. So the best solution is to know what to actually do with these stains. Here are our best tips about furniture upholstery care

Furniture Upholstery Care Like A Pro

Having furniture is not just buying and using it, but also knowing what it is made of and how to take care of it.  Follow the cleaning instructions carefully and do faithfully the required frequency of maintenance. But what else can we do with our furniture upholstery to take care of it like a pro?

Regular Use Of A Vacuum

In taking good care of your furniture upholstery, there’s no need to hire a professional cleaner to do the job. You can actually do it yourself by vacuuming the fabric often. Dust is not just an eyesore, but it also wears away the quality of your upholstery fibers. Brush off with care your set to loosen dried dust and other debris, and vacuum all parts including the hard to reach areas.

Baby Wipes For Your Furniture

Stack some baby wipes on your living room, because believe it or not, these are effective do-it-yourself cleaning remedies. Wipes contain a balanced mixture of soap and water and are gentle to most surfaces. You can also use it on accidental coffee stains before it even set on the fabric.

Furniture Upholstery Care Like A Pro

Cleaning Codes

It is important to know how to take care of your furniture upholstery and there’s a cleaning code that normally comes with your piece or your set. What’s with the cleaning code? Your upholstered furniture comes with a code that may indicate one of the four letters used for cleaning instructions.

If you see a ‘W’ on your piece, it means you can use water to clean the covers; remove it and have it cleaned according to the instructions. If you see an ‘S’, it means you should use a nonwater-based solvent like alcohol; spray it densely and blot it with a clean white piece of cloth. If you see an ‘S/W’, it means that you can use either solvent or water. Lastly, if you see an ‘X’, it means you can use neither of the mentioned cleaning means; your only option is to use a vacuum.

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