Furniture Upholstery Prices And Trends

furniture upholstery prices

Furniture upholstery is defined as the padding of the furniture, like padded arms of a sofa or padding of the chair for extra comfort. Interior designing is never complete until the furniture will be updated with the latest upholstery & the most trending designs. It is not completely about the looks of the room but it also takes into consideration, The customers needs, requirements, the pattern of usage & most importantly the budget. 

Furniture upholstery materials and prices

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There is a wide range of fabrics that are used for furniture upholstery. The broadest classification of the material includes natural materials & synthetic materials.

Natural Materials for Furniture upholstery

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  • Cotton- It is the most common fabric that is used for furniture upholstery. It is the first & almost the best choice every time. There is more than one reason for cotton being this famous. It is very user friendly in ways that it is soft, light, comfortable, breathable, etc. It also resists the piling & is super absorbent. The best reason for its most common use is its price. Whatever is your budget you can select a good cotton material. The price range is wide & starts from as low as $2-$3/m.
  • Silk- This is an expensive material but the most elegant choice among natural fabrics. It looks luxurious & very formal. The fabric retains its shape even after a slightly rough use. But it would be a really bad choice if you have pets. Ranges from over $10/m.
  • Wool- Wool blends are commonly used for upholstery purposes. It is comfortable & durable. It is very good choice for cold weathers but will irritate the user in summers. It is not very common because of the wool lend prices.

Synthetic Materials for Furniture upholstery

  • Leather- It is the most common fabric to be used for upholstery. It gives the comfort & is very user friendly. It is spill resistant & up to a certain limits stain resistant too. If you have kids who mess around all the time, leather will be a good choice.
  • Acetate- It is a reasonable option to the silk upholstery. It looks similarly elegant & classy as the silk. But if you have rough users at your home, it might be bad choice, because it wrinkles way too easily.
  • Acrylic- This material is used as the more comfortable option to wool & thereby has similar properties. Other than that, it is really easy to wash & even dries quicker than the wool. Acrylic can cause allergy to some people; therefore, you need to be aware before you buy this.


 It is important to know what fabric is your need before you go out to buy the same. It is better to be prepared than regret for your decision later. If you are thinking to buy Furniture upholstery, you need to understand that it is a very costly market. Once you buy something & find that it was not according to your needs, you will be regretting for the loss of money & also the discomfort that you will have to face daily. That’s why see all the points before you buy this.

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