Game Room Ideas – Using Your Basement As a Pool Table

game room ideas

What game room ideas are best? Are there certain characteristics or traits that make a game room fun and exciting? Are there certain accessories or furnishings that make a game room more comfortable and fun to spend time in? These are just some of the questions that arise when people are thinking about creating their own game room.

Type Of Game Room Ideas


To start out, you may want to consider the type of game room ideas you have in mind. Do you have a love of vintage video games? If so, then maybe your idea of the perfect game room should have a retro feel to it. You can incorporate vintage look furnishings and decorations in your game room in a variety of ways, from a modern vintage look to a classic vintage look. The good news is, now with a bit of creative thinking and planning, anybody can have exactly that.

If you love to play old arcade games, then you’re in luck. Did you know that the birthplace of pinball is now part of the Museum of Pinball located in Chicago? That’s right, the birthplace of pinball is now part of the Museum of Pinball. Now, if you have a vintage video game collection, then you can definitely have a game room built around those old arcades and pool tables – and let’s face it – who doesn’t want to have a game room that looks like theiftralime? !

Plenty Of Space

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If you don’t have a basement, but you have plenty of space, then that’s still an excellent base for many game rooms. You can opt for a simple setup consisting of one table, one board, and one game cabinet. On the other hand, you can also opt for a more modernized setup that packs in a large number of tables, wall units, and cabinets. For example, there are models that have the drawers built into the walls so that all the clutter that would usually go on top of the tables can be stored neatly underneath. Then there are models that have shelving and cabinets built directly into the side of the cabinets, so that you never have to worry about reaching high shelves or reaching low shelves.

Latter Type Of Game Rooms

The latter type of game rooms are a great idea for homes with small children, as they will ensure that young fingers don’t accidentally scratch the buttons of the games. If your children are still very young, make sure to have the controls made out of smooth hardwood or plastic so that you don’t accidentally push the buttons that activate the machines. If this happens, you could be looking at some pretty expensive repairs! On the other hand, these modern touch screen models are quite convenient as all the buttons and switches are just beneath the table itself. There are separate controls for the pool and shuffleboard games so you won’t have to get up and reach for them.

Final Words

One of the best game room ideas is to make the most of natural light. When you have natural light coming in through the windows, you’ll be able to get better lighting than if you have curtains or blinds closed. This also adds a nice touch to your basement and will help you get a nice vintage look. Remember, if you decide to go with this idea, be sure to change out the color scheme accordingly – you don’t want it to resemble a meth lab!

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