How To Get Stains Out Of A Couch

How To Get Stains Out Of A Couch
How To Get Stains Out of a Couch

Hosting gatherings and parties at the comfort of your own home is not all about fun moments. Aside from the very tiring preparation, the horror of realizing after-party that your couch has been stained is a nightmare.

Stains do come in many forms – food stain, wine and coffee splashes, grease and many more. And you will have nothing in mind but to get rid of those stains. But how to get stains out of a couch? Well, before anything else, check out your set’s cleaning codes that are typically found under the cushion.

Cleaning Codes

The couch’s cleaning code indicates the specific cleaning requirement intended for your set. These restrictions or guides must be strictly followed to prevent further damage on your couch fabric.

Here are the common codes that you can normally see in the cleaning guide:

  • W = water cleaning only
  • S = dry solvent cleaning only
  • SW = both water and dry solvent cleaning can be used
  • X = professional cleaning only

If in case you cannot find the cleaning code of your couch, give the Internet a try and look for the answers on the manufacturer’s website. Or if not, do a spot test on an unnoticed area to make sure that your cleaning method will work and will not damage its color and appearance.

How To Get Stains Out Of A Couch: Food Splatter

On most cases, cold water and soap work on the majority of food stains. Warm water will also do as long as the stain has not been caused by dairy products or those that have that component in it because it will only result in protein curdling. But of course, you are not always sure about what kind of food splattered on your couch, in this case, go with the cold water. You may also try soaking the stain for 30 minutes using a liquid detergent.

It is also important to know that when cleaning with water and soap, it is ideal to use the soft side of a sponge or even a clean cloth. Start from the outer part of the stain towards its center.

How to Get Stains Out of a Couch: Grease

How To Get Stains Out of a Couch

Baking soda works in wonders not just in your kitchen but on other aspects as well. And it will also work well in removing greasy stains. In removing a greasy stain, you may choose to sprinkle baking soda on it or make use of baking soda paste (a combination of water and baking soda).

Let your baking soda formula stay for 10 minutes or longer to let the oil out of the stain. Afterward, you may vacuum the baking soda sprinkles away and then blot the spot with vodka.

How To Get Stains Out Of A Couch: Wine Splatter and Berries

In most cases, removing wine splashes and berry stains can be done by sparkling water and clean cloth. But if the wonders of sparkling water don’t work, you may try mixing a tablespoon of vinegar and teaspoon of detergent with four cups of cool water. Dab the solution onto the stain with, of course, a clean cloth. Blot it with water afterward.

How To Get Stains Out Of A Couch: Coffee and Beer

How To Get Stains Out of a Couch

Although these two stain strains are quite notorious, getting coffee and beer splats out of your couch is quite basic. Beer stains can be handled by rubbing it with an ice cube with a little liquid detergent, warm water, and paper towel. Coffee mark can be removed in the same manner less the use of ice cubes.

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