Ideas For Small Laundry Room Designs

small laundry room ideas

Are you tired of having to work so hard just to have enough space for your clothes? You don’t have to! There are plenty of small laundry room ideas that will make your small space into the best possible place to organize all of your clothes. Here are some tips and tricks for putting together a stylish, efficient space for drying and storing your clothes. With these ideas, you’ll be able to enjoy the space you have, and not spend hours trying to get things organized.

Use A Few Accent Wall Hangings

A wooden door

One of the easiest small laundry room ideas is to use a few accent wall hangings in the space. Wall hangings can really add personality to the room, and it’s very easy to change out when you feel the need. Many people choose to use a unique children’s book as their wall hangings, but there are plenty of others to choose from, too. If you’re simply looking for a little extra storage space, you can add a couple of hooks for hanging up your folded laundry.

Other small laundry room ideas include painting the walls in a coordinating color. You may also want to add a few coordinating accessories, like a stool or bench, to save on additional space. Paint can really liven up a space, even if you only have a tiny bit of wall space available. Choose pastel, light-colored paint to give your walls a softer, more subtle look. Alternatively, you could choose a contrasting color that will pop against the white of your appliances and walls. This can really draw the eye to a certain area of the room, which can be used for storing things or as a way to separate a section of the room from the rest of the area.

A Counter Space

A table full of glasses

As with many small laundry room ideas, the most effective solutions are those that don’t require much work on your part. For example, consider what you already have in your kitchen: a counter space. Utilize this extra counter space for something other than storing your dirty laundry. Instead, use the extra space as a small table where you can place magazines, tea or coffee cups. You might even decide to add a shelving unit to the top of the counter space for smaller items, or keep an end table nearby for a high-end coffee table look.

Coordinates With The Colors

When considering small laundry room ideas that don’t require much work on your part, consider decorating in a way that coordinates with the colors in your home. Paint colors tend to blend well with one another. However, it’s best to use paint in a monochromatic scheme, rather than using two different colors. Pastel and neutral tones are generally a good idea for coordinating areas of the room.

Laundry room needs to be organized in such a way that dust and other items are kept out of sight and out of the way. With small laundry room design ideas, you can keep things out of sight by choosing a cabinetry style that is designed to keep objects hidden. For example, instead of having a traditional vertical filing cabinet, choose a mirrored or frosted filing cabinet. Drawers can also be installed behind doors to keep small laundry room design ideas like clothing storage hidden from view. You can also install hooks on the wall to hang up your dirty clothes.

Last Words

Small laundry room design ideas include painting walls in light pastel colors to give a clean-washed look. If you use unpainted walls, you can still have a clean laundry room by painting your walls a shade of your choice. When choosing paint, look for something that has the ability to hold paint well; you don’t want to spend a lot of time repainting when you can do other things instead.

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