LED-Wall Lights For Any Room Design

Are you in need of new lighting ideas? You might feel like adding a light somewhere in the hallway on the living room wall. Aside from the main lights that you already have, some sort of lighting that will not be the primary source of illumination but just to accentuate things.

Whether you need one to complement your home decors, or just in need of lighting that will illuminate a specific portion of your home, what you are looking for is a wall light. Here are two wall light options for you that you can consider for your lighting requirements.

Wall Lights Contemporary LED Lamp

LED-Wall Lights For Any Room Design
Wall Lights

This contemporary LED lamp will surely be one good choice in helping you in your indoor lighting ideas. With its sleek, modern design and low power consumption, the Wall Lights Contemporary LED Lamp works well in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, corridors, or anywhere in your house.

The product is made of aluminum with rated voltage of AC85-265V; a 2W light source and 2W output power, and flux rate of 70-90lm/W. With its dimension of 11.5 x 3.7 x 5.2 cm, it is one convenient and easy to install wall light.

Benefits Of This Product

Because of its low power consumption and convenience to install, parents are highly recommending the Wall Lights Contemporary LED Lamp. It does not just accent to their rooms, but it also helps kids who cannot sleep without any illumination get a good night and comfortable sleep.

Modern Wall Lights LED Minimalist

Wall Lights

If you are up for a light that will give your home that extra flick and style that you want, then the Modern Wall Lights LED Minimalist is just the right lighting for you and your home. It is indeed a fact that good lighting can create an ambiance and can bring good aesthetics on the walls, so choosing one that best suits your preference will result in an impressive home lighting set-up.

This product has a minimalist design with slim and billows design for a modern and unique effect. The light source is an LED light making it an efficient lighting idea and a power saver too. It is made of durable aluminum materials and has two color varieties to choose from – black and white body lamp.


Due to its minimalist and unique design, home designers are choosing this one because it matches well any room styling or home themes that customers have. You can even choose between warm white or cool white bulbs for your wall light.

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