Lighting Effect For A Warm And Inviting Glow

Outdoor Lighting Effect For A Warm And Inviting Glow

How lovely it is to have a moonlight effect on your home exterior at night time? It is not just amazing but also very inviting and welcoming. We really want to have a house that is not intimidating and feels warm even from the outside. That is why, in this article, we discuss the importance of having a specific outdoor lighting effect.

One way to create such effect is to accentuate the exterior of your house with outdoor lightings that have glow not more intense than the light of a full moon but bold enough to make a statement through shadows and highlights.

Lighting Effect

Let’s take further look into different ways how to get that inviting moonlight lighting effect for your home exterior.

Light Up Prominent Trees

Trees around your house are remarkable features that you can utilize to create the lighting effect you want for your home. You have the option to illuminate these trees from the ground or install the light fixture on the tree itself. Just make sure that all the wirings are properly laid down not only to avoid hazards but also to make it pleasing to plain eyesight.

Uplights For Highlights

Lighting Effect

We are very used to lighting effects coming from higher grounds or positions. But illuminating your home exterior from below or uplighting creates a dramatic glow that will achieve your desired effect. Uplights are also awesome in highlighting outstanding architectural features on your facade as well as garden landscapes.

Keep It Focused

Although lighting up the surroundings of your home will help you achieve that moonlight effect, let us also take note that there should be one focus of all your illumination project and this will serve as the center stage in creating an impression. Aside from the highlighted architectural features, the main focus of your lighting project is the entryway to your house. It is a subtle way of welcoming guests into your home in the warmest and accommodating manner.

Aesthetics And Function

One reason why we opt to create an illuminating effect is to beautify our homes and its exteriors. Make sure that you do not only do this for such, make it a significant one by making special functions such as lighting paths and for added security as well.

Make Use Of Different Light Fixtures

Having a uniform use of light fixtures is sleek, but using different designs is cool. Get those glows from step or path lights, bollards, posts, and area lights to create variety and style at the same time. There are different fixtures to choose from, seek help from your designer to know which best suits every part of your exterior.

Warm Lights Only

Since you wish to create that moonlight glow effect, it is a must to stick to warm light use only. You are opting to create a moonlight effect and highlight features, not to create a light show from different colored lights.

Lighting Effect


You can check out for lightings that can be timed using, of course, a timer. Set it to light up once the sun sets and turns off by midnight, making security lights the only one functioning afterward. Orchestrating your light will also help you save energy.

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