Striped Wall Painting Ideas To Change The Wall Out Look Instantly

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There are many things and possibilities for the classic striped wall painting. Whether you choose thick, vertical, multicolor, or bold black and white, you can’t go wrong adding stripes to the space. If you’re not quite ready for the permanence or expense of wallpaper, we suggest checking out the buckets of paints and doing it yourself.

How Does Striped Wall Painting Work?

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1.  Pick your Stripe

Before you head to paint, you’ll need to decide the best look that you want. Do you want to create vertical and horizontal stripes? You might find it difficult to choose the shades. Isn’t it? Will the strip be wider or thin? Once you have to plan, you can go grab those gallons of paint. The Striped Wall Painting is trending and this will be the right choice.

2.  Paint the Wall

Before you start to paint the wall, you definitely need a primer too. This will provide you a clean and subtle surface for the paint to cling onto. You can go ahead and choose the right color as the base and paint the entire wall or walls. Remember to need a base coat that should be lighter. Be patient and allow the paint to dry.

3.  Measuring

When you are thinking about the striped wall painting then measuring the wall is the toughest thing. You can go ahead and choose the one color with the right width and horizontal stripes. If you want the first and the last stripes to be the same color, be sure to divide.

4.  Tape the Wall

Begin by taping the edge of the ceiling for the striped wall painting. Place Painter tape on the pencil line, making sure that it is perfectly taped on the wall. You need to press the wall firmly on the tape and seal the edges with the credit card to make sure paint doesn’t get under the tape.

5.  Paint the stripes

The real fun starts now, use the paint roller to paint the stripes on the wall. Be very sure to paint over the edge of the tape. Remember to make it perfect with the second coating. The application depends on the necessity.

6.  Remove Tape

Carefully, remove the tape. Make sure to remove the tape before the stripes have fully dried. This might sometimes pull off the paint.


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You have to work carefully as you will get stuck using the same type of paint. For the striped wall painting consider alternating the high-gloss and flat paints to add a dimension to the wall. Using the stripes of the wall will change the whole look of the room. Vertical stripes can make a whole lot of changes while the horizontal one will create the illusion of more space.

You can use a color pencil that doesn’t close the wall color to mark the strips. This will eliminate and help stray the pencil marks being left after painting.  So, striped wall painting needs a little effort for the perfect look. You can create the perfect look by following the above steps. So, make sure not to skip the necessary steps.

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