Furniture Maintenance – Things You Should Know

Furniture Maintenance - Things You Should Know

Aside from keeping your home beautiful through the wall paint designs and layouts, our sets of furniture are what keep our homes alive and vibrant. That’s why it is equally important to keep your furniture well maintained for it to last longer. This is why, in this article, we discuss the importance of furniture maintenance and how to implement it.

Furniture Maintenance

Furniture that is made of quality wood are expected to be expensive, purchasing one is really an investment because why not? It is expected to last not only a lifetime but for generations. But these kinds of furnishings are not the only one that needs the usual furniture maintenance, just like anything else, everything and anything must be taken care of.

Your Furniture Maintenance Routine

Maintaining the best state of your furniture does not need to be overwhelming. The most basic routine that you have to put in mind is to dust your sets frequently, either with the typical dusters or with soft and fry lint-free cloths.

In whatever you do with your furnishings, always remember that everything must be done in the direction of the furniture’s grain, may it be dusting or polishing. As for the polishing, you do not need to be harsh on yourself and routinely doing it every day or every other week. Polishing can be done as seldom as every six months.

As for your sets with a high gloss finish, just be extra careful in dusting or cleaning it to avoid scratching.

Furniture Maintenance

Top Tips And Tricks On Furniture Maintenance

As much as possible, do not place any furniture under direct sunlight because it causes color fading.

Your sets of furniture are not accustomed to extreme temperature changes to avoid setting it near heat vents and air conditioning units, and also away from windows.

Although unavoidable, always be mindful when placing stuff made of plastics and rubbers on top of your set because some plastics may cause unwanted interaction with your furniture’s finish.

Furniture Maintenance

Furniture Maintenance – Liquids

Liquid spills can advertently damage your furniture over time as it goes into the finishing and may leave unwanted spill marks. Clean it up immediately and don’t let it get absorbed.

When removing liquid spills, clean it by blotting the spills instead of wiping it. Also, avoid alcohol, perfume, and medication spills because it can severely damage your furniture’s finishing.

When moving around your sets or rearranging it, do not drag the furniture around because it will damage not only its structure but also your flooring. Carry it instead.

When moving objects on the furniture’s surface, make sure not to slide or drag it across, lift it instead.


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