Three Basic Street Lighting Design Principles That You Should Bear In Mind

street lighting design

Let us firstly look at how exactly the installation height, arm height, cantilever length, etc. play an important role in the overall lighting design. In short, it is not just about the size and color but also has something to do with the materials used and most importantly, with your practical experience of using it.

The primary factor considered in the street lighting design is the installation height. As the name of the game goes, “height” means the distance between the street lamps and the highest object in the middle of the street. If you need further explanation, just refer back to our physical concepts and understand that a higher object like a billboard is normally more than 10 feet in length. Thus, the street lamp should be equally long. Of course, the decision on the installation height depends on the road width as well.

The High Voltage Diodes

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Then, consider the lighting fixtures and their wattage to determine the street lighting design as well. You can easily calculate the lumen output of each of the lighting fixtures because all of them come equipped with their own data sheet. The common lighting fixtures for street lights include the low voltage lumen output, metal halide lumen output and the high voltage diodes.

The next factor is the street lighting color scheme. It is important that you match the color scheme of your street lights with the color scheme of your home or the building that you want to illuminate. Color can provide significant variation in the outdoor lighting effect. If you want a kind of ambiance that creates a romantic mood, you can have the colors of white and yellow installed on the street lamps. If you want the lighting to be seen from a distance, you can install red or orange lights.

The Installation Height Of Your Street Lights

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Consider also the installation height of your street lights. You have different options when it comes to installing the height of your street light. You can choose between six feet and twelve feet. In choosing the installation height for the street light, it is important that you think of what height would be convenient for you to walk along with your kids. Also, you have to take into account whether you want to install the lighting fixtures on the side of your building or the top of your building. Again, make sure that the wiring of the lighting fixtures will not interfere with the wiring of your home’s electrical system.

Another factor that you must consider when it comes to street lighting is the mast lighting. Usually, the installation of such a light fixture is done on the building’s apex. There are basically three types of mast lighting. The first is the pole top, where you need to put up the actual light fixture that hangs on the apex. The second is the pole arms, which are used to hang more lights.

High Mast Lighting

The third type of street lighting is the high mast lighting. In using high mast lighting, you have to make sure that you place the light at least thirty-six inches from the ground.

This is to make sure that the illumination hits the area in an even way. Another option of high mast lighting is using the halogen light. This is the most popular option among the homeowners.


Finally, you have to take into consideration the street light’s shape and the direction of its lighting. Typically, the shapes of these lights are the rectangular and the hexagonal ones. The direction of the lighting is usually set perpendicular to the street. It is pointed down the street to provide illumination to areas where you have to walk. In this case, you can have the lights pointing upwards to illuminate steps and the steps of the building. You can also opt for the lights to shine downwards to illuminate driveways or parking lots.

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