Top 3 Factors To Consider To Purchase The Best Upholstery Furniture Fabric

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If you are an amateur in the world of upholstery, selecting the good upholstery furniture fabric is not an easy task. You will often question yourself on how to choose the right one for your upholstery. Therefore to help you out, this is the list of factors that you need to consider to select the right upholstery furniture fabric. 

List Of Factors To Consider To Pick The Right Upholstery Furniture Fabric

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Upholstery furniture fabric is something that you will use every day. So, durability is a very crucial factor to consider. It is determined by how it is being rated on the double rub test of manufacture administered. The number of double rubs is directly proportional to the quality and durability of the furniture fabric. 

However, the upholstery project that is for decorative purposes can ignore the durability. 

Fabric Care

Upholstery furniture fabric needs extra and special care, particularly while washing and drying. So, before finalizing the decision of purchasing a certain furniture fabric, you must deeply read the instructions and recommendations for cleaning. 

If you feel that you can take due care of the fabric, then you make a purchase of that particular fabric. Else leave it. 

Fabric Types

The next challenge while picking up the right upholstered furniture fabric is to decide the fabric type. Some of the common upholstery fabrics that come in a good range of fibers, colors, and weights are the following. 

  • Microfiber – Typically a polyester multi-weave texture with a surface scraped spot treatment giving it a fluffy heap to imitate calfskin, this texture is a great decision for hefty use in family rooms and pets. It’s extremely impressive, a scraped spot safe and simple to clean. 
  • Chenille – Excellent texture decision for home use, principally heavier use pieces. Like velvet, it has a cut heap that guides in scraped area obstruction and solace. 
  • Velvet – Velvet has a thick cut heap, making it extravagantly delicate with a sheen. Velvet can tolerate upping to hefty utilization and is an alluring decision for most homes. 
  • Basketweave/Tweed – These finished woven textures shroud stains and wear well and can be utilized in any upholstery application relying upon their twofold rub rating. Higher twofold rubs will diminish pilling and texture pulls. 
  • False Leather – Easy to clean and settles on an incredible decision for youngsters’ furnishings and other high-utilization pieces. Clean and condition properly to lessen the hazard of breaking. 
  • Marine Vinyl – Made to oppose climate and unforgiving components, marine vinyl is a calfskin look vinyl that is very sturdy and simple to clean.

These are some of the best upholstery furniture fabrics. 


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Overall taking some time to decide the right upholstery furniture fabric is not spending but investing. Your Apple story furniture fabric is a durable product, so you must consider all the factors very carefully before finalizing the one. Your one small mistake can prove to be very dangerous.

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