Decoration Ideas For Every Room

Decoration Ideas For Every Room

Designing your own home has never been so exciting and fun, it is equally challenging as well. Wrong decoration choices and placing decisions might over decorate your home which in turn will make it feel cramped. Do not get too thrilled, let the blank walls stay empty for a time and think what decoration works best that will match the tone, texture, and layout without letting it become too crowded.

Fill the blank walls with endless imagination and possibilities; show your personality through these awesome wall decoration ideas.

Gallery of Photos and Painting

Whether or not you are into photography, you surely have captured moments of you and your family that is worth displaying. Explore your photos, pick the best shots and have it printed in different sizes and then frame it on your empty walls in an asymmetrical format. You may opt for a black and white print if you wanted it that way, or you may also try mixing different prints up.

Another way to fill that empty space is by putting large-format paintings that fit the theme of your space. Since that painting will be the focal point of everybody’s attention, make sure to go for the best one – design and color-wise.

Mirrors on the Wall

Mirrors are not only intended to show your reflection but it also has several uses when it comes to interior designing. Having a mirror on your wall is not only about wall decoration, but it also serves as a natural light reflector that will help your room be more illuminated without adding a new lighting source.


Also, mirrors are used to create an optical illusion to make your space look bigger than the usual. The choice is yours if you will have an oversized mirror displayed on your space or several small ones for a more artistic approach.

Bring in the Scene

If you wish to create a spot that everybody will enjoy taking pictures, have your empty space painted with a mural. If you are capable of creating one, go ahead and make yourself a satisfying mural. But if not, you may render the services of mural artists to bring your favorite scene to life.

Go For Display Shelves Or Collections


Creating floating shelves on your empty walls is another way to expand your storage. It may house some of your collections or even small plants and sculptures just to keep the space alive. There are many floating shelf ideas out there that you can utilize and pick whichever best fits your preference.

If you have one good amount of fine china collection, you may hang these on the wall to showcase your set or to just fill in a blank space. If this is your choice of wall decoration, you can use wire plate hangers to hold your china in place.  

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